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About Us

translating science, transforming outcomes

Together with world leading experts we are advancing programs to address major care gaps and areas of significant unmet medical need for patients with cardio-renal disease.  With a lead program focused on ischemia-induced organ failure, initially targeting the kidney, Atorvia has a therapeutic in development for Acute Kidney Injury. This common and often fatal condition leaves surviving patients with cardio-renal diseases and can lead to stroke, myocardial infarction, chronic kidney disease or end stage renal disease. There is currently no treatment available. Leveraging over a decade of research into regulated cell death, Atorvia is developing a number of products which could revolutionize the AKI treatment landscape by enabling the early detection, prevention and treatment of this devastating condition.

A biotech with a difference, we integrate market access & commercial strategies at all stages to translate great science into transformative technologies that regulators will approve, payers will pay and physicians will adopt.


Changing the treatment landscape of acute care injury   

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Our Journey

Atorvia was founded in 2020 by a team of highly experienced life sciences executives with the intent of acquiring underperforming commercial-stage businesses which could benefit from Atorvia's business leadership & expertise in global commercialization, market access/reimbursement and clinical trials to significantly impact revenue growth and expand & optimize patient access.  To add portfolio depth to the targeted businesses, the team sourced relevant programs which could add further value, including pre-commercial work being undertaken at academic institutions.  In developing relationships with a significant number of major Universities and leading researchers throughout North America, the founders' unique backgrounds, novel approach and highly collaborative nature clearly resonated and it became apparent there was tremendous potential to apply the expertise of the team to the pioneering research residing in academia and rapidly advance great science into commercially viable technologies.  

And so began the next phase of our journey.


Atorvia's formula of first identifying commercial whitespace then focusing on science with the potential to fill it and always developing technologies focused on the end goal beyond regulatory approval of who will pay, truly sets us apart.  

As a commercially-minded, patient-centric Biotech we see possibilities to accelerate our programs, have big ambition matched by our capabilities, and the drive to accelerate the development of great science into fully commercialized technologies for the patients who need them. 

And have a lot of fun in the process.  

Ator - mythical character known to be a scientist & apothecary.  Via -  a path

ATORVIA: A journey company translating science, transforming outcomes

Meet The Board
We celebrate diversity, and it starts at the top

Our footprint

Our people

A biotech with a difference, we are on a journey to positively change the lives of patients by ensuring our programs incorporate commercial strategies from the outset.  We believe that being unique is powerful, and this applies as much to our people as it does to our strategy, so we are building a company that celebrates diversity and a culture where difference is valued.  Although we are small, we are mighty, and we approach our work fearlessly.  An inclusive workplace with a global mindset, we welcome people to join us on our journey who will be themselves.    

If you’re driven to perform, you’ll fit right in.  We are nimble, learn quickly, improve constantly, and celebrate our wins at every turn.  Put simply, we hire the best, then let you shine.

If you are interested in joining us on our journey, please contact us here.

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