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Our Pipeline

Every technology in our pipeline has the potential to deliver real hope to patients.  They will provide physicians with revolutionary treatments and solutions to the very real medical challenges they face today, particularly for those patients who have few or no options available to them.

Our pipeline - which remains proprietary - includes ground breaking antidotes and first in class technologies, all with the common theme of impacting biochemical cascade mechanisms & regulated cell death pathways.





Acute (Emergency) Care & Oncology 


Our experienced team, together with our world-class scientific research partners, are set to develop and commercialize a number of groundbreaking therapies in areas of high unmet medical need, including much needed treatments for emergency conditions.  Together we bring decades of expertise in: 

  • R&D

  • Drug development

  • Clinical program development

  • Product launch

  • Global expansion

  • Early access

  • Regulatory

  • Market access

  • Commercialization & Sales 

  • Asset development

  • CMC

  • Network of healthcare professionals

  • Partnerships with world-leading scientific experts

  • WHO and country level policy development

  • Competitive understanding

  • Extensive market knowledge

Our Lead Candidates in Acute Care


Rapid & expanded access to a revolutionary antivenom to treat envenomation in situ, in the ER and at expanded sites of service.


  • WHO estimates 3M of the 5M snake bites that occur annually results in envenomation

  • 130,000 people die with as many as 400,000 amputations or permanent disfigurements each year

  • According to CDC, there are as many as 8,000 snake bites in the US each year

  • Many existing antivenoms are cold-chain, polyclonal antibodies with high manufacturing costs and limited global access


Rapid access to the first treatment for acute kidney injury (AKI), leveraging a novel regulated cell-death platform which will also enable accurate & early detection, even in symptomless patients


  • 13.3M known cases if AKI globally, with 1.7M deaths*

  • According to CDC, 3.9M hospitalizations occur each year due to non-dialysis related AKI n the US

  • An estimated 10% of hospitalized patients develop AKI 

  • There is currently no treatment for AKI other than symptom management, typically dialysis

REFS: Centres for Disease Control, World Health Organization, International Society of Nephrolog

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